CA Marijuana Business Licensing and Regulations Licensing Seminar
March 8th, 2019 @ 10:00am PST

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Marijuana Business Licensing Workshop

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Marijuana Business Licensing  Workshop and Webinar - CA

Program Description: 

Understand the opportunities and pitfalls of the California cannabis business regulations, how to get a license, and how to make money under heavy regulations. This class will give you a clear path on the journey to cannabis legalization, how to get licensed, how to remain compliant, and how to build a strong business. New regulations have changed and so will the scope of this industry. Learn to create top brands and consumer safe products in this seminar series. Once you have taken this class you will understand the most important business fundamentals to get started in the cannabis industry. You too can succeed in this burgeoning industry and build a successful business and this class will teach you how.

Course Cost: $299.00 Course Duration: 1 Days / 4 hours / 1 Classroom Lesson

Chloe Villano
Founder and President 

Clover Leaf University
Executive Offices - 1312 17th Street,
#524 Suite 584, Denver, CO 80202
*Classes are not held at this location

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