Cannabis Culinary Arts Certification
February 13th, 2020 @ 1:00pm MST
Cannabis Culinary Arts Certification

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Culinary Arts

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Cannabis Culinary Arts Certification

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Cannabis Culinary Certification - 4 Hours / 1 Day

Stand-Alone Course Certification
Course Description:  This four-hour class will teach you the various fundamentals of cannabis culinary infusions and recipes,  stressing the importance of dosage regulation as well as labeling and packaging laws, and food safety.  Become versed in this popular alternative to cannabis smoking.  This incredible course ends with your CLU certification of Completion.
This 4-hour class will teach you the advanced and master levels of high production and large cannabis cooking infusions from butter, to oil, to candy, to dinner entrees. Your State Book and Reference Guide will give you all the laws and forms in your state to open, operate, or be employed by a Cannabis Business.  See a current list of classes and professors on our website