Open or Purchase a Cannabis Business NYC
May 29th, 2019 @ 10:00am EST - 4:00pm EST
Open or Purchase a Cannabis Business NYC

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Open or Purchase a Cannabis Business NYC

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Open a Cannabis Business 

Class Description: This six-hour business class will teach our students to quickly identify the national opportunities, legislative parameters, associated risks, business models and regulations necessary to open a cannabis business. This class will also teach you how to be a viable competitor in the licensing process and business using specific steps and proven systems. This class will also review operational infrastructure to be in compliance with all necessary regulations and how to appropriately scale into the business. Once you have taken this class you will understand the most important business fundamentals to get started into the cannabis industry. You too can succeed in this burgeoning industry and build a multi-million dollar business and this class will teach you how. 
This is a historically unique time where people can pursue the American dream. This business is set to produce billions of dollars in revenue next year. Get in on the ground floor of America's premier cash crop. 

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Instructor: Chloe Villano, Adam Dunn

Chloe Villano
Founder and President 

Clover Leaf University
Executive Offices -1312 17th Street, #524 Suite 584
Denver, CO 80202
*Classes are not held at this location

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