Cannabis Economics, Investments & Merger & Acquisitions
October 24th, 2019 @ 1:00pm EST - 4:00pm EST
Cannabis Economics, Investments & Merger & Acquisitions

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Cannabis Economics, Investments & Merger & Acquisitions

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This 3-hour course will look at the economoic structure that has allowed the Cannabis Industry to reach the heights it has and why it will continue to grow. Students wil learn how stores and dispensaires generate income and the economic cylce in the Cannabis Industry. As more and more money is poured into ventures and companies within the industry, we will take a look at investment structure in the Cannabis Industry and how it is different from investments in other inudustries. Following this, students will see some of the biggest mergers and acquisitions deals that have taken place in the Cannabis Inudsties and some of the possible M&A activity looking forward. 


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