Open, Invest, or Purchase a Cannabis Business NYC


Open, Invest, or Purchase a Cannabis Business NYC
About this event

Open, Invest, or Purchase a Cannabis Business


Are you looking to enter the cannabis industry and are unsure what road is the best one to take? Then this class is for you! Quickly identify the national business opportunities, legislative parameters, associated risks, business models, regulations, due diligence and steps necessary to open, invest, or purchase a cannabis business. 

Module one will cover business opportunities, company structure, product development, and creating award-winning companies and brands. 

Module two will discuss the best way to enter the industry. Is it best for an entrepreneur to partner with an existing licensee who is already profitable by investing directly in the business? Is it better to purchase the business, or compete for a license? This class will discuss the risks, the financials, the benefits, and the rewards, for each of these business opportunities. Learn the critical due diligence necessary to vet these companies properly, and what a successful business should encompass to be a strong candidate for purchase or investment. 

Module three will cover the merger and acquisition process for cannabis businesses including values, timelines, and the transfer of ownership process. This class will also teach you how to be a viable competitor in the licensing process using specific steps and proven systems. Learn how to appropriately scale into the business the best and fastest way possible. Once you have taken this class, you will understand the essential business fundamentals to get started in the cannabis industry. Join us for this extensive four-hour course as we discuss all of these options on a national scale! Space is limited. Don’t wait. Sign up now! This is a historically unique time where people can pursue the American dream. This business is set to produce billions of dollars in revenue next year. Get in on the ground floor of America's premier cash crop. 

Who should attend: This class is for anyone who is looking to enter the cannabis industry as a business owner, partner, investor or employee. 



  • Welcome

  • Laws

  • Succeeding with “heavy regulation”        
  • Best practices 
  • Seed to sale
  • Inventory tracking procedures 
  • Identifying national business opportunities
    • Entering the business
    • Values
    • Competitors
    • Markets

How to Be a Competitor in the Business and Application Process

  • Business location requirements

  • Local permitting

  • Applications

    • Local approval

    • Locations

    • Fees

    • Business set up

    • Personal information

    • Partners information

    • Business plan

    • Security plan

    • Employee health and safety plan

    • Bonds /Insurance

    • Vertical integration

    • How to write a competitive application 

      Building a winning team
    • The waiting process

  • State approval

    • Location

    • Pending local approval

    • Fees

    • Filing a second complete application after local submission

  • Legislative parameters

    • Residency requirements

    • Financial requirements

    • Business requirements

 Comparing Business Opportunities / Models 

  • Investment opportunities in the industry 

    • Available business models

    • Dispensary

    • Infused Product Manufacturer / Processor

    • Cultivation Expert

  • Open a business (start-up)

    • Purchase an existing cannabis business

    • Start a new cannabis business 

    • Invest in a Cannabis Business

Successful Business Models

  • National opportunities

  • National expansion 

  • (Medical/recreational sectors) 

  • Scaling into the business

Standard Operating Procedures 

  • Operational infrastructure

    • Corporate set up

    • Mass level production protocols

    • Seed to Sale tracking systems

    • Quality control

    • Employee training 

    • Employee health and safety

    • Strong standard operating procedures

    • Regulated vendor and lab training

    • Complying with state-mandated testing

How To Turn Your Business Into a Money Machine and create award-winning  brands

  • Successful companies

  • Successful products

  • Products that generate the highest revenue

  • Keeping the best shelf space for the best products

  • What are the best products to stock in retail locations

  • Budgets 

  • Expenses

  • Where to best spend your marketing dollars

Lunch Break

Cannabis Mergers and Acquisitions 

  • Business Due Diligence

    • Local

    • State

    • Property

    • Owners / Partners / Investor

    • The transfer of ownership process

    • Hurry up and wait

    • Unknown expenses


  • Identify a sales nitch

Build your clientele

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Clover Leaf University offers real-time business and industry expertise and knowledge to provide top of the line state-approved curriculum for business owners, governments, and employees. Although the numbers are staggering, so are the complexities of the business. We work with all aspects of the industry, to ensure we keep you updated, in compliance, and ready for this once in a lifetime business opportunity. We are approved, licensed, and regulated by the CO Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. 


    Presentation Lecture


  • Quickly identify the upcoming national opportunities 

  • Learn the industry’s legislative parameters

  • Learn the industry’s associated risks

  • Discover various industry business models

  • Learn the regulations and steps necessary to open a cannabis business. 

  • Learn how to be a viable competitor in the licensing process.

  • Learn the operational infrastructure of the cannabis business.  

  • Learn how to remain compliant with all necessary regulations.

  • Learn how to appropriately scale into the sector.

  • Learn to create award winning companies and products

  • Learn the industries merger and acquisition process and timeline

  • Learn the due diligence required to purchase or invest in a cannabis business.

  • Discover the most important business fundamentals to get started into the cannabis industry.



Rules, Regulations, Legislation

  • CLU Open a Cannabis Business Handbook optional

  • Local Rules and Regulations

  • State Rules and Regulations

  • Any applicable local and state ordinances

  • Notepad, Pen, and Paper

  • Class Fee: $1299

    Teacher: TBA

 Upon completion of the course in person or online students will receive a certificate for completion of the course. This certificate will be emailed to all students within 90 days of the class. Students will receive a digital copy of the presentation in the email with the certificate. 

Curriculum approved by The Colorado Department of Higher Education


Clover Leaf University

1312 17th Street #524 Suite 584

Denver, CO 80202


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